Open Practice | Lindy Hop | Huset Trøjborg

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27. februar 2022 kl. 17:00 – 19:00
Huset Trøjborg
Kirkegårdsvej 53
Aarhus 8000
Open Practice | Lindy Hop | Huset Trøjborg @ Huset Trøjborg | Aarhus | Denmark

We will meet on Sunday afternoon for some practice sessions.
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A CLASS, and NO INTRODUCTION TO LINDY HOP WILL BE GIVEN. Please, sign up for weekly classes if you want to learn to dance. We organise monthly events with taster classes and introductions. See other events for more information.

0. Plan before coming what you want to practice (find a video, bring your notes)
1. Use the practice session to review with your classmates what you’ve learned (invite your classmate to practice together)
2. Learn a routine alone or with someone else
3. Prepare for a show with other dancers
4. Do some solo jazz
5. Practice areals

The focus will be on practising, but you are also welcome to come by to socialise and dance for fun. Don’t hesitate to ask around if you need support or have a specific question. Teachers will try to help you, but respect their time to practice.

Keep good hygiene, wash your hands, sanitize and stay home if you feel sick.

Place: Huset Trøjborg, Room 1.1 (upstairs)

Press the doorbell OR call to the phone number attached to Aarhus Lindy Hoppers poster and wait until someone from your fellow dancers comes downstairs to let you in.
Always help each other and let fellow dancers inside the house.